DIY Easy Clogged Toilet Solutions

Few plumbing problems are as commonplace as a clogged toilet. It happens to everyone from time to time. A good California plumber is always happy to help with clogged toilet repair, but much of the time, you can get it unclogged yourself with a bit of work.

Here are some DIY clogged toilet solutions that often work and won’t damage your toilet.

Three Ways to Repair Your Own Clogged Toilet

1. Plunger

Clogged Toilet Repair Southern California

Every home and office should have a plunger tucked away in the bathroom because it’s still the best method for a clogged toilet repair. As a pro tip: always go slowly on the first plunge. The first stroke is there to push water out of the way, and if you’re too enthusiastic, you could splash yourself. Once all the air is pushed out, then you can go to town.

If it worked, you’ll know immediately because the water will drain straight out of the toilet after you lift the plunger.

2. Plumber’s Snake

The other tool everyone should have on hand is a plumber’s snake, which is a small auger (drill) built into a flexible hose. These are available at almost any home improvement store and are perfect for taking out tough clogs you can’t plunge away. In essence, you drill through the mass clogging the toilet, which encourages it to break up while allowing water to flow past.

3. Baking soda and vinegar

In general, relying on chemical decloggers from the store is not a good idea. Overuse of them can damage your pipes. However, you can DIY a good alternative. Simply take a couple of cups of baking soda and pour them into the toilet. Let it sit for a few minutes, so the baking soda has time to sink down to the clog. Then pour in at least two cups of vinegar. (Lemon juice also works.)

This mixture will foam, so pour the vinegar slowly to prevent backsplash. Then let it sit for an hour, before trying to flush the toilet again.

If this doesn’t work, a mixture of bleach and soap can potentially work as well. Bleach is harsher than vinegar and more effective at breaking up tough clogs. However, don’t do this if you have a septic tank; bleach could harm the tank.

If these methods don’t work, Roto-Rooter California is always here to help with clogged toilet repair, or any other drain cleaning issues you might have. And we’re available 24/7, so we’re always here to help!

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