Dishwasher Repair and Installation Service

We all love the convenience of a dishwasher, but what happens when it starts leaking water onto your floor? Or you can’t get clean dishes out because there’s an obstruction in the line. That will gross everyone out and make life more difficult for you!

Your dishwasher machine makes your life easier, but sometimes problems arise. Roto-Rooter lists some common issues you may experience with them.

Dishwasher Not Working 

If the dishwasher is not running, and you hear a humming noise when it should be quiet or have stopped altogether- then there could potentially be something wrong with your motor. We can diagnose this issue by checking different things such as power consumption levels to get an accurate diagnosis for potential repairs!

Dishwasher Won’t Drain 

Dishwasher Installation Service - Kitchen Utensils Placed In Dishwasher

The water may not be fully pumped out of the dishwasher because a worn-out drain impeller, solenoid, or an obstructed drain line can cause this problem.

Dishwasher Leaking 

Worn-out tub-to-motor gaskets, door gaskets, spray arm assemblies, or a leaking pump assembly are culprits for leaks. Using too much soap or the wrong type of soap can cause the dishwasher to leak.

Dishes Not Clean 

You can stop wasting time, water, and soap by running your dishwasher. If the dishes aren’t getting cleaned it may be due to a burned-out heating element or worn pump assembly but often they’re just blocked spray armholes!

Cloudy Glassware 

With hard water, your glassware can become clouded. A Roto-Rooter plumber can install a water softener to help clear up the issue faster! You should also make sure that glasses are thoroughly rinsed before placing them in the dishwasher for the best results.

Dishwasher Won’t Fill 

Dishwashers can be a real pain when they don’t fill with water. One common culprit is the overflow float switch, which may get stuck or stop working altogether due to mineral build-up and corrosion on its internal components over time. If you have any questions about your dishwasher’s performance, contact an expert for help!

Dishwasher Runs Too Long 

Unfortunately, there are a few things that can cause your washer to run longer than necessary. One of these is if the thermostat or timer malfunctions, this can lead to an endless cycle!