Bathtub Repair

There are a wide variety of bathtub options for a homeowner to choose from, each with its own unique needs. Homeowners need to know the basics when caring for their bathtubs.

Your bathtub is your sanctuary. If you’re experiencing problems with your tub or need a bathtub repair service call Roto-Rooter to return it to its natural blissful state. (imagine a pretty picture of a bathtub with rose petals)

Conventional Bathtub 

Conventional bathtubs are the easiest to deal with since they are the most common. You may use simple cleaning tools to regularly cleanse the tub. To reduce mold and mildew from collecting, washing the tub after use is recommended. When something is stuck in the drain or water isn’t flowing properly, there are a few DIY solutions you can pursue. For bigger problems, consulting with a professional plumber is always the best practice. 

Jacuzzi Hot Tub 

Bathtub Repair - Roto Rooter Plumbing Expert Repairing The Bathtub

Jacuzzi bathtubs require more maintenance than conventional tubs. Users have to make certain the drains are clear and functioning appropriately. Avoid bubble bath solution and oil-based soaps, as these may result in residue build-ups and clog the pipes. It’s important to understand how to care for and clean this type of tub to make sure it is operating effectively. 

This installation is significantly more complicated since it requires filters, hoses, pumps, and other equipment used to circulate the water. With Roto-Rooter, this is one job you don’t need to approach independently. 

Clawfoot Tub 

Clawfoot bathtubs occupy a significant amount of space because they generally stand away from walls without an adjoining wall. The piping can be vulnerable, requiring extra floor space to conduct these lines. Homeowners need to take special care when placing their clawfoot tub as pipes could freeze if they are too near the outside of the house. It’s important to make sure there’s space around the tub’s layout for preventative measures that will help keep it fully functional. 

Clogged Bathtub 

Clogged bathtubs are usually caused by a combination of hair and soap scum in the drain pipe. While there are methods for you to try and fix the bathtub drain, we recommend contacting Roto-Rooter to make sure the tub doesn’t leak from using hazardous chemicals or a plunger that could unseal the drain and cause further damage. Call us for an expert plumber consultation!