Indoor Hydro Excavation

Digging inside your home is one of the most difficult tasks to do. Roto-Rooter’s Indoor Hydro Excavation can take conventional excavation equipment indoors and use hydrovac methods for quick, safe digging in tight spaces or when you need it most!

When you need to remove material from an inaccessible space, hydro excavation and vacuum excavations offer ideal solutions. HydroVac machines can access these difficult-to-use indoor rooms with their powerful hoses for removing waterlogged dirt while Vacuum devices have enough power on hand to tackle any stubborn debris that’s been challenging conventional equipment.

When it comes to removing material, the process is exactly like remote hose excavations. The only difference is that each excavation starts off in an indoor space several hundred feet away from where all of its other equipment can be found and worked on-site by professionals who know what they’re doing!

When the debris removal truck is located in a remote area, high-power vacuum hoses and tubes are extended from its system to an indoor work site. A cutting operator uses water lances with failproof triggers devices that loosen the soil around the dig area while he extracts slurry or loosened earth for easier disposal offsite.

Like outdoor hydrovac excavations, indoor ones employ a third person located at the truck while all of this takes place. The water and vacuum workers operate their hoses to get rid of dirt from your home or business!