Potholing Daylighting & Utility Locating

The best and safest method for potholing daylighting & utility locating is Roto-Rooter’s HydroVac excavation. The technique can be used to acquire visual confirmation of obstructions underground, such as utilities near the planned path of an upcoming construction project; simply excavate along that proposed trench space until you reach no conflict with existing subsurface features before continuing with your work!

Hydrovac excavation is a key part of any hydro excavation process. It consists of self-contained units that use pressurized air and water, turning it into powerful suction which removes the slurry created as an effect from one area while pushing away dirt with high-velocity hydro jetting plumbing equipment at other endpoints along its path to a containment unit located up to hundreds of feet away!

Why Hydrovac Is Best for Potholing for Utilities

When it comes to potholing for utilities, HydroVac excavators are the best choice for both delicate works like daylighting and identifying existing utility holes near or at construction projects. This non-invasive technique works well with HDD vertical directional drilling machines such as those used in fiber optics installations.

HydroVac excavation is the ultimate method for digging without causing damage to underground utilities. This saves time, money and safety by avoiding any downtime or fines that may come from damaging these important components of our infrastructure.

A heavy-duty machine called “hydro-vac” was designed specifically so contractors could work efficiently while protecting themselves against injuries due in part because it’s able to navigate around obstacles with ease!

Potholing-Daylighting and Utility Locating using Hydrovac

roto-rooter-Potholing- Daylighting & Utility -Locating

With the help of a digital locator, Roto-Rooter´s contractors can now dig in exactly where they need to be without worrying about damaging utility pipes or lines. The only problem is that heavy equipment cannot penetrate safe zones with these precision tools because it would otherwise cause too much damage and risk exposing them for what type (and extent) there may exist beneath your home’s surface layer.

HydroVac excavation is a safe and efficient method of utility potholing. This system can be used for both destructive and non-destructive digging, depending on your needs–which means it’s perfect no matter what type of dig you’re looking to do!

Taking extra means or potholing-daylighting may appear to be taking a step, but it’s actually the most cost-effective and safest measure. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved: from worker (or customer) who needs more protection on their job site.