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Roto-Rooter’s plumbing professionals are available 24/7 to repair, unclog, fix a leak, or install any residential toilet.

Does your toilet always seem to run, clog, or lack flushing power? If that’s the case there may be a deeper issue. Our highly trained Roto-Rooter technicians are ready to identify and fix any toilet repair issue. Call us now and get one of our licensed plumbing experts to carry out a free estimate for a drain unclogging or toilet replacement/repair.

Toilet Repair Service

Clogged Toilet Repair - Toilet plumber

Just like any other appliance at your home or commercial property, your toilet may suffer certain damages over time due to its constant use. In most cases, the toilet problems can be solved with small repairs that can potentially save you a lot of money in other utility bills. Roto-Rooter helps both residential and commercial customers with toilet repair services that cover all possible events of a failing toilet.

Clogged Toilet Repair

A clogged toilet is one of the most common bathroom problems that can arise. Not only is it a helpless feeling but it can mean there may be a larger problem. As a home or business owner, it is quite possible to deal with minor clogs using a manual plunger and a few minutes of hard work. However, If your toilet needs continuous plunging, there is most likely an obstruction in the trap or further down the toilet drain line.

This is quite common when toilet paper and other common bathroom products accumulate over time, obstructing the toilet drain line which can cause backup flow and unpleasant odors.

Many times, this is a symptom of a larger plumbing problem from the main sewer line. Call Roto-Rooter CA toilet plumbing services, one of our highly trained technicians will fix your clogged toilet and any other drain needs.

Running Toilet Repair

After flushing, your toilet should stop running once the bowl has filled. If water is constantly running for long extended periods after a flush, then your toilet has an internal leak. This can be expensive as up to 200 gallons of water may be wasted throughout the day. A high water bill may be in your way if the problem is not addressed soon enough. This is one of the most common toilet repairs but do not let it get caught you off-guard.

Many different things may cause this problem. It could be a corroded overflow pipe or even a flush valve assembly. Often, the culprit is a worn-out flapper valve. Stop living with this plumbing issue and call Roto-Rooter CA toilet plumbers. By addressing this issue, you’ll save money on your water bills and help conserve water.

Leaking Toilet Repair

Your toilet might flush properly and yet it can leak and waste water in a considerable amount. Just like with small clogs, you can do some DIY repairs and fix the leaks if these are coming from some of the disposable parts that every toilet system has like the flush handle, the wax ring, and similar elements that tend to wear out after a certain period.

However, if the leaks are coming from the toilet bowl, pipes in the plumbing system, or other connections, certainly the best idea is to call for a professional plumber like the ones at Roto-Rooter CA.

It is always advisable to face water leaks of any kind to avoid any further damage to your home’s plumbing system and other areas.

How inefficient is your toilet?

Your old toilet may be costing you a great deal of money in water bills. Modern, low-flow toilets, help you conserve water by using less with each flush. Roto-Rooter plumbing technicians can help you choose and install an efficient, low-flow, water-saving toilet for your home.

Why Roto-Rooter for Toilet installation and repairs?

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Commercial Toilet Repair

Business reputations and operations could easily be negatively affected if toilets don’t function correctly. Wastewater is related to potential health risks; therefore immediate repair is significant to the protection of your workers and tenants.

Roto-Rooter CA licensed and insured professionals give 24-hour emergency toilet replacement and repair services to get your bathrooms running correctly as soon as possible. And, there’s no excess charge for nights, weekends, or vacations. Written estimates are free and our service is backed by our official guarantee.

Commercial Plumber Toilet Repair Service

Roto-Rooter solves all kinds of problems, including clogged toilets, leaks and constant running water, cracked tanks, and bowls, toilets that don’t flush, and water pressure issues. Our licensed professionals can also repair, replace, and relocate the plumbing associated with your commercial toilets. Our plumbers ensure that the manufacturer’s criteria are fulfilled when servicing your commercial or institutional toilets. We use only quality components when repairing, rebuilding, or replacing an existing toilet, urinal, or bidet:

  • Flush valve
  • Vehicle sensor valve
  • Flushometers
  • Float
  • Flapper
  • Load valve
  • Flush lever assembly
  • Close off valve
  • Tank and bowl
  • Water flow and drain pipes

Roto-Rooter CA can convert almost any industrial toilet into a dual-flush toilet for a portion of the cost of a fresh dual-flush bathroom. Users choose a diminished flush for liquids or a full-power flush for solids. Commercial properties start saving immediately since water use is reduced by as much as 30%. A plumbing professional can also convert urinals from 1.5 gallons to only 1/2 gallon per flush, which saves an average of 4,600 gallons of water per year, according to the E.P.A.

Professional Toilet Installation

Commercial toilets are available in a wide variety of styles to accommodate every application and need:

  • Standard
  • Tankless
  • Dual Flush
  • High Efficiency
  • Comfort Height
  • Air Assisted
  • Pressure Assisted

Roto-Rooter’s experts can install any brand and make recommendations for a commercial toilet, urinal, or bidet that will work best in your setting—restaurant, school or university, hospital, apartment complex, office building, stadium and more thereby providing long-term dependability and value.