Emergency Hydro Excavation Services

When you need a team that can respond quickly and safely, Roto-Rooter’s emergency hydro excavation clean-up service is the answer. We have been providing this 24/7 support for over 50 years! With our efficient assessment of your situation, we will remove any debris from spills or floods without disrupting business as usual at home or the workplace.

Hydro Vac Technology Handles Many Emergencies

HydroVac technology is a revolutionary way to provide emergency excavation services. This system can handle any type of spill, hazardous or not, and makes it easy for the customer. The best part about this? Our trucks are equipped with Roto-Rooter Hydro vac equipment so we’re always ready in case something goes wrong – from cleanouts due to accidentally spilling chemicals onto your property to routine maintenance such as tank washing after doing industrial cleaning projects where there has been heavy rain etc. Even when faced with situations like flooding caused during periods without rainfall.

Environmental Cleanup with HydroVac Equipment

Roto Rooter - Commercial Plumbing Service Company Southern California

The Roto-Rooter CA HydroVac trucks are the best way to extract debris in an emergency. These powerful vehicles have enough power and the ability to reach remote locations, whether it be a spill or some other type of cleanup call that requires heavy-duty equipment.

Hydro Vac Technology

When it comes to vacuuming, you can never have too much power! The HydroVac technology consists of a powerful truck-mounted vacuum tank removing tons of gallons worth of debris from any area. A heavy-duty pump removes air from within this holding system which creates an incredible force that sucks up everything near its opening – even if they’re deep inside containerized structures like homes or businesses where there might be other obstacles stopping them before getting sucked into your hose.

The truck may be located several hundred feet away from the emergency situation if needed, which means it’s much less likely to damage property or pollute. The HydroVac machine has impressive suction power and can transport all sorts of debris without spilling anything on its way there!