Washing Machine Installation Is Easier Than You Might Think!

If you’re buying a new washing machine, the shop selling it is probably going to try to get you to buy an installation service to push the price up. However, you may not need help. In many cases, washing machine installation is fairly easy, as long as you’re physically fit enough to move the machines around.

Roto-Rooter California is always available if you need help installing or repairing a washing machine, but here are a few tips if you want to try to get the job done yourself.

Installing A Washing Machine The Easy Way

1. Are there existing plumbing hookups?

Washing Machine Installation Southern California

We’re assuming you already have a working washing machine, and you’re replacing it with a new one. If this is a new installation, without the plumbing in place, then you will want to call in experienced plumbers to handle the pipes. This job is too difficult for an amateur.

2. Remove the old washer

In most cases, there are only four connections to worry about: the power plug, the hot and cold lines, and the drain hose. Just pull the washer away from the wall gently, until you can access the back. These should be easy to unhook, although you may need a wrench if the hot/cold lines have become corroded.

Have a pan underneath the hookups when you disconnect them because there’s always some water left in the system. Then just move the old washer out of the way.

3. Prepping the new washer

The important thing to know here is that most new washing machines ship with an extra set of bolts in the back, which are screwed in to prevent the drum from moving during shipment. Be sure to remove these bolts and ensure the drum can spin before proceeding with the installation.

4. Connect the new washer

This is just the reverse of the process of unhooking the old one. Just be careful to hook up the hot line to the hot inlet, and the cold line to the cold inlet. We recommend using a wrench or pliers to tighten the connections, once they’re in place. Also, when you’re attaching the drain hose, use the plumber’s tape around the connection point to add waterproofing.

5. Level the washer

Finally, make sure the washer is as level as you can make it, or else it can get off-balance. It will have little feet on the bottom which can be screwed up/down to correct the balance. Don’t use it until it’s leveled.!

That’s really all there is to it. But if you need help with your washing machine installation, please don’t hesitate to Contact Roto-Rooter ASAP or call us at 800-491-ROTO.