Tips For Installing a New Dishwasher

A new dishwasher is a big purchase, and you want to make sure that everything goes smoothly when it’s delivered. Some companies offer a dishwasher installation service, but if you don’t have that, it’s still entirely possible to see the dishwasher hooked up properly!

At Roto-Rooter California, we have plenty of experience installing dishwashers, so here are a few tips to help make sure everything goes smoothly. 

4 Tips for An Easy Dishwasher Installation

1. Measure carefully before you buy!

Plumbing Technician Installing a New Dishwasher

Sad to say, one of the most common reasons a dishwasher installation goes badly is that the washer ended up being too large for the space it’s supposed to go into. You want to carefully measure your existing washer, or the space, to ensure your new washer fits perfectly.

In particular, remember to measure the height only up to the bottom of the countertop. Then you can provide these measurements when buying the washer, so the salesperson can ensure it fits.

2. You’ll probably need an installation kit

Unfortunately, most dishwashers sold in stores these days don’t come with the basic hookups, like the water intake hose, or sometimes even the power cord. The good news is that these components are completely standardized, and you can order a universal installation kit for around $20 or so. But make sure you have it before the washer arrives.

3. Locate your water and power cutoffs

To install a new washing machine, you’ll need to shut off the water valve going to it, as well as turn off power to its outlet – which is typically done at the breaker box. Be sure you’ve located both of these, and that they work properly (valves often get corroded and stuck) so that you can quickly get to them when it’s time to install them.

4. Clear a path to your kitchen

When the delivery crew arrives with your new dishwasher, you’ll want them to take it straight to the kitchen, near where it’s to be installed. Be sure there’s a clear, wide path from your door to the kitchen. Move furniture which could be damaged and be sure to pick up anything on the floor which could be a tripping hazard.

Call Us for Dishwasher Installation Service

Or, if this sounds like too much work, just call Roto-Rooter in California! We offer dishwasher installation services, as well as installations and repairs for other water-based appliances. If you ever need our help, just contact us 24/7 or call us at 800-491-ROTO.