Do You Need Sump Pump Repair? Here Are the Signs!

For many homes in low-lying areas, or which are prone to flooding in the spring, sump pumps are a vital piece of equipment. They keep your basement from becoming too damp and prevent mold and mildew from having a chance to set up camp. So, if you need a sump pump repair, it’s important to get them taken care of before the next time you need to use your pump!

So, let’s talk about common warning signs that there’s something wrong with your pump so that you can call for repairs before there’s a plumbing emergency

Three Signs You Need Sump Pump Repairs

1. Not pumping fast enough

Sump Pump Repairs Southern California

If you run your pump regularly, you should know how long it takes to move water. The documentation should also specify its overall capacity. So, if you’re running the pump and it feels like it isn’t moving water fast enough – or if it can’t keep up with the incoming water – there’s something wrong. Or, at least, you might want to look at getting a new sump pump with a higher capacity.

2. Musty smells

If your sump pump isn’t able to keep up with demands, there’s another potential problem: mold and mildew growth. Typically, mold and mildew only need around 24-48 hours to start growing in a moist environment. If you ever go into your basement near the pump and smell mold or mildew, that’s a big red flag that the sump pump isn’t doing its job well enough.

3. Unusual sounds

Your sump pump is never going to be silent, but all you should hear is the sound of the motor and some water moving. If you ever hear anything out of the ordinary, such as clanking, groaning, or metal scraping sounds, shut the pump down and call for repairs. There’s clearly something very wrong in the motor, and it might burn itself out – or cause more physical damage – at any time.

Professional Plumbers Keep Your Sump Pump Running Properly

Unfortunately, there’s only so much you can do to troubleshoot or repair a sump pump on your own. You can check the electricity to ensure it’s getting enough power and ensure there are no clogs in the outlet hose, but that’s about it.

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