The Environmental Benefits of Regular Storm Sewer Cleaning

When rainstorms occur, it’s fairly common to see pools of stagnant water on the side of roadways and small streams trickling through ditches. In most cases, the water gathering after the storm will either drain into a nearby outfall or seep into the ground. However, when torrential rain hits, local ditches and drains can flood, creating a potentially hazardous situation.

Regular storm sewer cleaning is necessary to remove debris from drains and catch basins and prevent pollutants from contaminating community waterways. This article will discuss the benefits of keeping your storm drain clean and how a flooded sewer system can impact the surrounding environment.

Why Regular Storm Sewer Cleaning Is Important

Storm sewer drains are critical aspects of any public or private property drain system, which is why it’s so essential to keep them clean. Below is a list of ways a clean storm sewer drain can benefit your property and the surrounding community.

Reduce Risk of Flooding

Storm Sewer Cleaning Southern California

Removing debris from your storm sewer drain can reduce the risk of clogging and sediment buildup. In turn, you can lower the chances of the drain becoming flooded.

Prevent Hazards on the Roadway

When the storm drains clog, standing water on roads or driveways can create hazardous conditions. From the risk of hydroplaning to icy roads in the winter, excess water on the road can present various threats to drivers. However, if storm drains are working properly, community members can avoid these threats and ensure a safer roadway.

Protect Local Water Sources

If debris, sediment, and other pollutants enter the storm drain, they can flow into community water sources and local waterways. Likewise, in some locations, property owners can face fines and other legal complications for failing to maintain their storm drains. Catch basin cleaning can minimize the risk of contaminating local water sources — and, consequently, keep you out of trouble!

Prevent Structural Damage

Storm drains and sewer systems divert the flow of rainwater away from roads, sidewalks, basements, vehicles, and household or commercial plumbing systems. If your drain is unable to do so effectively due to a clog or other debris obstructing the water’s path, stormwater could flow onto and damage your private property. This can lead you to need water removal and restoration services in the near future

Routine storm sewer cleaning not only protects the sewer system itself, but also your property in the event of heavy rain.

How to Keep Your Storm Drain Clean

You can perform a few routine tasks to keep your storm drain clean:

  • Regularly check storm drains for debris, such as leaves, sticks, and other plant matter.
  • Ensure that no trash enters the storm drains.
  • If nearby trees on your property have any dead branches that may end up in the drain, consider trimming them off.

Professional Storm Drain Cleaning Services

As a property owner, you can perform regular storm sewer cleaning using the above methods. However, some parts of the job, such as cleaning the drain storage area, should be left to professionals.
If you need professional storm sewer cleaning services, contact Roto Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup CA professionals.