10 Advantages of Vac-Con Trucks

When it comes to sewer and pipeline cleaning, choosing the most dependable company is the number one priority. At Roto-Rooter we use a wide range of high-end machinery to ensure that projects are completed in a timely manner and with minimal harm to surrounding areas.

Here at Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup, we use Vac-Con equipment to get the best results. Here are 9 advantages to choosing a company that uses Vac-Con equipment to clean sewer and municipal pipelines.

1. 3-Stage Fan

Vac-Con trucks feature an innovative fan design that’s faster than any other fan on the market. Plus, it vacuums underwater. This is advantageous for any city because it means no work stoppages.

2. 2-Engine Design

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Vac-Con trucks allow our skilled plumbers to simultaneously control the vacuum and water systems independently of each other. This increases efficiency, which helps keep overhead low.

3. Hydrostatic Blower Drive

The Vac-Con’s hydrostatic drive for the vacuum system is more efficient, less complicated, and eliminates the need for cumbersome PTO’s, clutches, gearboxes, and other couplers. In other words, it streamlines the process, making it simpler for our technician’s to get the job done quickly and done right the first time. That’s great for municipal and county budgets.

4. Hydraulic Telescoping Boom

With a Vac-Con truck, the boom rotates 270 degrees and telescopes up to 10 feet. This makes maneuvering in even the most challenging locations a breeze for a licensed plumber. This makes even hard to reach places no longer a problem and can decrease times on job sites.

5. Resistant to the Elements and Wear and Tear

If it’s a Vac-Con, it’s extremely durable. This is another reason we keep them as part of our arsenal here at Roto-Rooter. You get the same advantages that our well-trained, experienced crews get when you go with Roto-Rooter: you get Vac-Con tough equipment.

6. 3,000 psi Water Pump

At Roto-Rooter, we rely on the reliability of our equipment. It’s part of what we’ve built our reputation on. Great equipment and manpower mean great results. Vac-Con offers a wide variety of water pumps up to 3,000 psi and 120 GPM. The continuous smooth flow allows the operation of Vac-Con trucks’ exclusive Inspector Cam and the Hydro-Excavation Package. We’ll recommend the proper choice during any job appraisal.

7. Standard Automatic Vacuum Breakers

As indispensable as they are to safety, an automatic vacuum breaker, hydraulic rear door locks, and safety interlocks are all part of our standard package. Keeping on-site injuries consistently low is priority one at Roto-Rooter. We know that safety is of paramount concern for those in charge of hiring plumbers to do municipal work, and this feature is definitely a necessity to keep on-the-job injuries at a minimum.

8. Vac-Con Trucks Feature Hi-Dump

Vac-Con’s Hi-Dump option allows the debris from the body to be emptied directly into 60″ containers without having to pull onto ramps, berms, etc., and eliminates wasted trips to the dumpsite.

9. Best Parts and Service on the Market

You don’t want to work stoppages due to equipment failure. Time is money. When you hire Roto-Rooter, you can rest assured knowing your investment is backed by the best and most durable parts around. Plus, the service is unsurpassed.

10. Vacuum Large Quantities of Water

A Vac-Con vacuum truck is equipped with powerful suction capabilities, enabling it to efficiently remove large volumes of water. This makes it ideal for tackling significant water-related challenges such as floods, sewer backups, and large-scale industrial cleaning. The high-capacity tanks and robust pumps allow for quick extraction and disposal, minimizing damage and downtime in emergency plumbing situations.