How to Fix a Toilet

A clogged toilet, a toilet that runs constantly, and also a toilet seat that needs to be replaced are some everyday frequent toilet repairs.

You may want to try a few DIY (do-it-yourself) toilet repair procedures before calling in a plumber.

How to Plunge a Toilet?

When it comes to plunging a toilet, you’ll need to have a toilet plunger. On occasion, the toilet bowl is filled to the brim with water when obstructed and sometimes it may not have a lot of water in the bowl at all. Here’s a quick DIY suggestion for your toilet repair. It’s important to get sufficient water to cover the plunger or remove water to prevent an overflow. Add in or remove water from the bowl if necessary. In case you have tried plunging and it’s still clogged, try using a metallic hanger or toilet auger as to poke free any obstructions.

How to Fix a Toilet Flapper?

Clogged Toilet Repair - Toilet plumber

A toilet that will not quit running can sometimes be an indicator that your flapper is not closing properly or the chain is broken or has to be adjusted. You can determine whether your tank flap is not functioning by taking the lid off of your toilet and reaching down to the flap and pushing it down. If you push down the flap and the water stops running, it is time to purchase a new part. Make sure you bring the item that needs to be replaced together with you to the DIY hardware shop to be sure to buy the best one.

How to Replace a Toilet Seat?

Replacing a toilet seat is relatively simple. The toughest part can be unscrewing the bolts due to the fact that they’ve been in place for as long as they have been. Take care to not scratch the bowl with a wrench or hacksaw if you wind up needing to cut off the bolts. As soon as you set the new lid, do not overtighten the bolts so that it’s easier next time you want to take it off.