Video Inspection


Video inspection cameras are one of the most valuable tools in the plumbing business. Specially designed waterproof cameras allow trained technicians to perform a visual inspection of sewer lines and any other underground pipes. By conducting a camera inspection, a Roto-Rooter technician will be able to find what is causing the problem without doing any damage to the cement or structure of your home.

Sewer Camera Inspection

To begin your sewer camera inspection, a professionally trained and skilled technician inserts a high-resolution video camera into your sewer lines. These high-tech drain cameras are flexible, letting them navigate through the twists and turns in sewer lines and thoroughly inspect pipes and the condition of the pipe walls. Video inspections can done be in drain lines as small as 2 inches in diameter up to as large as 36 inches in diameter.

The camera footage is transmitted to the Roto-Rooter Technician in real-time, so the condition inside your sewer and drain lines may be assessed immediately. You will have the ability to see any problems right on a monitor, and footage can be saved for future reference. Camera inspections are just one portion of our sewer line review procedure.

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